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Meet the team:

Arne Rietsch
Principal Investigator
arne.rietsch [at]
Emma Kundracik
MSTP student

Arne has been studying P. aeruginosa for more than 15 years now (oh my). His primary interest is understanding how the type III secretion system is brought to bear on host cells, and how it's function, as well as the effector proteins delivered by this molecular syringe shape P. aeruginosa infections.

Emma is currently finishing the first year of the Ph.D. phase of her training. She is working on trying to understand how the translocon is assembled, and as a hobby, building beautiful structural models of the type III secretion system with regulatory subunits docked into the apparatus.

Alicia Roistacher
Research technician

Alicia recently joined us to work on a new project focused on studying established corneal infections in mice. Her prior experience, including her masters thesis, has focused on bats. After working with bats, mice should be a breeze, right?

Former Lab Members:

Rachel Adu Nkansah - is taking a gap year before medical school
Hyunkeun Kim - postdoctoral fellow at Sungkyunwan University, South Korea
Stephanie Zmina - off to study Oceanography!
Erin Armentrout - postdoctoral fellow at Cedars Sinai
Chairut Vareechon - Assistant Professor and Associate Director of Clinical Microbiology at Rutgers School of Medicine
Amanda Tomalka - research associate at Case
Jonida Toska - research assistant at Harvard Medical School
Pei-Chung Lee - Assistant Professor at Wayne State University
Charles Stopford - biotech sales rep
Michelle Cisz - forrest ecologist
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